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We believe in the blazing bonfire of a creative smithy, in filmmakers, who touch the audience, make people laugh and cry and maybe – transmit a message.

Cuckoo Clock Entertainment ® GmbH & Co. KG was founded by experienced producer-writer Raoul Reinert for the historical feature Lessons of a Dream (Dir. Sebastian Grobler)  with Daniel Brühl in the leading role – the entertaining story, how, in 1874, football made it to Germany against all odds (3 German Film Award nominations, 10 international awards, sold to 80 countries, over 100 TV screenings). Cuckoo Clock creates packages for cinema, TV/VoD and produces low, medium and high budgeted films like the music documentary kollektiv22 (16 x Germany – Hamburg) with German Film Award winner Özgür Yildirim for ARD/NDR and the TV-thriller-miniseries Dengler with multiple German Film, TV and Grimme Award winner Lars Kraume, German Film Award Winning actors Ronald Zehrfeld and Birgit Minichmayr for ZDF – adaptations of the bestselling books of Crime Award Winner Wolfgang Schorlau. We look out for international partners for several higher budgeted feature films and TV/VoD projects. Raoul is also available as independent producer, dramaturge and media lawyer.

We can also advise and support you with our know-how of German creatives as well as German Distributors, TV networks, federal and regional funding institutions, studios, pre-, production and post production facilities and all other aspects of film making or financing in Germany. Call us for co- or executive-productions in Germany or anything else!


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